The following policy areas reflect important threads of the G20 work agenda that are of interest to G20 policy makers. Please choose your area of interest and find the respective policy recommendations on the following pages.

Overarching Visions

Visions help policy makers think about the principles for designing policies and help them communicate policies to the public. The Visions aim to align the policy objectives of different G20 member states.

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Think 20 Dialogue


Argentina has assumed the G20 Presidency on December 1, 2017. The Argentine government has mandated CIPPEC and CARI with organizing the T20 process during its presidency until November 30, 2018. T20 Task Forces have been established to prepare Policy Briefs for the ongoing dialogue with G20 decision makers and other relevant stakeholders.

Learn more about the G20 Insight Platform and the Argentine T20 process online at T20argentina.org. The German Think 20 Summit 2017 – GLOBAL SOLUTIONS took place in Berlin on May 29-30 2017. Please find more information at global-solutions.international.



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T20 Argentina: 49 policy briefs for global governance

The Think 20 Task Forces have defined their agenda for 2018. This includes the number of policy briefs they will produce, the main topics of the study and the meetings they will have during the year.   The experts that make up […]

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